Sudarsh sadasivan Namboothiri is a skilful and unique Yoga teacher who is well trained both traditionally as well as modern scientific way, his knowledge in different yoga styles & Yoga therapy enable  him to blend his teachings according to the physical, mental and emotional need of his students, Sudarsh is an inspirational teacher who can bring the best out of his students not only for teaching a Yoga class or organising  workshops but also facing the challenging  life situations with ease and confidence. His deep knowledge in Classical Tantra practises will help his students to take their practises to further level in a systematic way and to apply this great knowledge in their day-to-day life.

Sudarsh, born and brought up in a traditional Brahmin family Kerala, South India. where daily classical Tantric practises such as yoga, Pranayama, Vedic chanting, Japa, Meditation, homa (fire rituals) pooja (rituals with mandala) are practised and performed daily, so he was naturally attracted to these mystical practises. As he grew up, the curiosity to know more about the secrets of these ancient wisdom also started growing with him. He continued his formal education parallel to his ancient learning. After completing his graduation in English literature sudarsh decided to completely dedicate himself to the learning of Yoga, Vedanta and Classical Tantra by that time sudarsh understood the importance of Yogic studies and its importance in modern day today life situations.

He left his house in search of spiritual knowledge and finally found his teacher and mentor Acharya Hari Lalji of Arsha Yoga Gurukulam, he studied and practised intensely under his teacher the great science of Yoga and Yoga therapy, after 4 years of study (TTC, ATTTC, YTITC) in a Gurukula System under the guidance of Acharya, during this time in the Mountain ashram Sudarsh learned and mastered Asanas and Kriyas and Yoga psychology. He taught and trained a wide range of students and business groups during his time in the Gurukula, finally he decided to continue his spiritual journey. Travelled  extensively all over India and attended different Yoga programs such as Teachers training program from Madurai Sivananda Ashram and served as a Karma yogi for One year In Sivananda Delhi centre later done his  Yoga –Vedanta course from the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, vipassana meditation from Dehradun, Advance teacher training from SYVP, After his 2 years of travelling, learning and teaching came back to Kerala and took his Masters in Yogic  science (M.Sc. Yoga) from the University . Later he also completed his 200 hours of Yin Yoga training (level-2)

Sudarsh continued his spiritual quest of this great Yogic science and finally found his Guru, Yogacharya Chandran master a great Yogi and Yoga therapist from Northern Kerala, who is the founder of ‘Bodhannda Yoga’ a unique yoga system and famous for its therapeutic ability, according to Chandran master “the soul of yoga is breathing “, from him sudarsh learned about the Yoga Upanishads and the importance of different pranayama, mudra and Bandha. At the same time sudarsh continued his Classical Tantra learning and from his Tantric Guru Acharya Sri MT Viswanathan who is the pioneer of Tantric teachings in Kerala also the founder of “shreshtachara Sabha” an organisation completely dedicated for the teachings of classical Tantra.

Sudarsh is an invited teacher for 3 different Ayurvedic Medical Colleges in Kerala and Gujarat to Train Yoga for Ayurvedic doctors as part of BAMS training (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine). For the last two decades sudarsh is travelling and teaching in different countries including, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Maldives, Sudarsh is a regular guest teacher in Yoga –Vidya Ashrams and centerers in Germany for giving training and workshops on Yoga & Classical Tantra. he is also conducting online yoga, Meditation, yoga therapy programs.